Monday, January 4, 2016

Wait, there was a holiday??

So, I'm going to start with some funny things!

Elder Boekweg sometimes, when I'm singing along to the music in the car, because he can't hear the words, he makes up his own. and sings, and it's so funny. I've died so many times! Also, one of the things he
can say loud, proud, and just about perfectly is "Fatty Matty." So I guess i'll never be free of that.

Also, deaf people are hilarious.One of the "sign mails" one of our members left this week was way funny. Sign mails are like voice mails, but through the video phone, and literally before you send it, you have to click "yes, i want to send this." and so that's why I think it cracked me up so bad. Because she felt like it had enough important information to send. 

So! this week, we took one of our recent converts who is incredible, and he shadowed us for a day because he wants to serve a mission this summer! Awesome! So he shadowed us, and we set up an appointment to do our family history training, and I was helping L. and his family tree is super tough, because he's a
first generation Mormon, and a first generation born in the US. so basically info on family is near impossible, and after about 45 minutes of no luck finding anything on his great grandpa, he looks at me and just
goes "I just want him to be saved." That really struck a cord in me. and I'll never look at family history work the same. The spirit of Elijah is so strong! It's amazing.

The second experience is we read the chapter in the Book of Mormon stories with M. and D. about Lehi's vision. That chapter usually requires some explaining, that it's all symbolic, and so when we finish, we go "so, what'd you learn?" and boom. They understood it. as in these people who can hardly read understood almost perfectly the symbolism of the tree, the building, and the rod. It was incredible! 

Every Sunday it is a wrestle to get them to church, because they don't have a car, and they can't ride the bus
with 3 wild chillens, so it's so stressful to get them a ride, and typically, it's one of our hearing members that go get them, which is hard, because our hearing members live forever away, so we've been trying really hard to activate this one member named O. who lives by them, for like 4 months. FINALLY not only did he come to church, he brought M. with him! MIRACLES!! God is so good. this week was awesome!

I love you all!

Elder Roberts