Monday, June 13, 2016

Good news!

So first off, the S. Family didn't drop us!! Haha! The lesson last Monday
went so well. We talked about Peter walking on water, and how when he
got closer to Christ, the waters got more than he could stand, and he
could choose to either go back, sink, or go to Christ. And of course,
he went to Christ. It was so powerful, and R. felt it. She ended
up coming to church and seriously made friends with everyone! I don't
know if I've mentioned this yet, but she calls us "the prayin' boys"
which honestly makes me so happy! Haha I love them so much! 

Her husband is still a little doubtful. He took all the flack way more
seriously. But he'll come along. We know he's felt the spirit. He's
amazing. And their kids! Oh man! As we were leaving, their oldest goes
"y'all work out, don't ya?" Hahaha in all my life, I've never been
accused of working out! Haha he made the assumption because he could
"see our roots." Which means the veins in our hands! Hahahaha made my
whole day! God has blessed us to not only keep R., but I guess he
really has taken weak things, and made them appear strong.;)

Other than that, I went on exchange with our newest AP! Super cool! I
learned so much! He's a stud. While together, we met this fella named
J. who is super neat! About 16, and we got him to pray, and had a
return appointment on Sunday and taught the restoration to him and his
cousin! So good!! Seriously. Great week!:)

Had M. and his friend J.come to sacrament, and me and Elder Day
interpreted for them, and it was great. Interpreting is super fun.
Interpreting hymns is my favorite thing. I love it.

I think that's it! Love y'all!

Elder Roberts