Monday, May 30, 2016

Not all who wander are lost. Then again. Sometimes they are.

First off, we found a dog this week! Hahaha on our morning jog, a dog came out of a parking lot like it was ready to eat us alive. scared the daylights out of both me and Elder M! stopped dead in our tracks and said our final prayers, and then realized the dog was super friendly. so we continue running. and it follows us all the way back to our apartment. no bigs though, because we have a gate, right? wrong. we are able to get in and shut the gate behind us and think we're home free. nope. it crawls itself under the fence and before we know it, it's running circles around us again. umm... crap. hahaha. after knocking on the doors in the neighborhood closest to where it jumped out at us, good thing we're pretty good at knocking doors, we decided it was a stray, the nicest sweetest, most obedient stray ever, and took it to the animal shelter. it was honestly hard to say good bye to it. if i wasn't a missionary, I woulda sacrificed my left food in order to keep it. oh well! 

but! as we were waiting for the shelter to open, we went to a park to study, and whilst there, i started thinking. how bizarre it is that this silly dog is so willing and wanting to be saved, and literally all I'm doing while I'm here is trying to save people, and how unwilling and unwanting to hear it! made me a little sad to think about...

as for the S. family, they are doing amazing! we brought a our ward mission leader and his wife to our lesson, and instant connection. like, to the point i was a little taken aback. hahaha it was awesome! they are such an incredible family! the little kids, as we were leaving, all gave us the bro hug. haha it was hilarious! they come up to like my belt line, but gave me a bro hug! haha it was great:) I seriously love that family so much!

i went on exchanges with Elder B. this week, which was super neat! I've missed him! L., the one who got his call last week, joined us! It was raining pretty hard all day that day, and so when we dropped L. off, we drove through a ton. A TON of water, because it was dark and we couldn't see! as in the water was covering our head lights it was so deep. so we just keep on going, and make it out! but the check engine light was on, and the car was smoking like a chimney. so we pulled over. hahahaha what an adventure!

Gave a talk about prayer in Sacrament Meeting. I've actually been thinking a lot about prayer the past few weeks, and then President Tuck asked me to give a talk, and then told me the topic was prayer, it was perfect! something I've really been thinking a lot about is how God answers prayers. I think it is so important to not only accept God's plan for us in our lives, if we ask for this, he gives us that instead, we need to remember that he knows better, and if for some reason he thinks giving us that will make us happier, we gotta trust that, but also to make sure when God answers our prayers. we recognize it. 

What if we don't see miracles very much anymore is because all miracles have been given a different name? like medicine? or luck? chance?

anyway. that's all for today! love y'all!

Elder Roberts

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