Friday, July 24, 2015

Houston, We Don't Have a Problem.

Well, first 2 days in the MTC were, in short; STELLAR.

My companions name is Elder Nielsen, and he's from Tooele. Nice kid. And he's about equally as lost with ASL as I am! He's not going to Houston though. He'll be serving in Fort Worth, ASL.

Me and Elder Day are Roomies, with one other companionship. So six missionaries in one tiny little room. Man. Feels like home.

Food is pretty okay. I've documented every meal I've had in my journal. I know that my posterity will really appreciate the fact that on Friday the 24th of July, I had 2 doughnuts for breakfast. 

The spirit here is sooo strong. I swear, the Lord knows when I'm feeling a little sucky, and boom. I all of a sudden understand what the crap is going on in a lesson, or feel the spirit mega strong during a devotional, or a rad hymn just comes to mind and empowers me. The Lord is so real, guys. Oh man.

What else is there? first day was crazy. second day was crazy. and now it's P-Day. Boy. Lemme tell ya. My laundry load is huge. Having to wait two whole days was tough. I had to start really questioning a lot of things. But I made it. 

Anyway. All is well. Having fun. Not getting fat.

Me and Elder day in our yellow ties and matching dork dots

The Comp and I on the first night. Look a little shell shocked?

The room plus 3 tag along elders. #swaggin

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