Friday, July 31, 2015

Sundays are the best in the MTC

First full week! It's been awesome!! Sundays are great!! Just fyi. like seriously. They are the saving grace of the MTC. if you can just tough it out until Sunday, you can make it the rest of the time. oh man. 

This week has seriously been so good! So many awesome experiences! My roommate gave us all sign names! Elder Days has to do with how he's always so classy. Mine has to do with that I always eat apples. Ya. it basically sums us up so well!!

I participated in choir (y'all suck if you laughed at this) and it was so cool!! They do the thing they do in conference where the camera moves across the choir and shows them singing. and I totally was on it for a solid 10 seconds. oh man. Best 10 seconds of my whole life!!

Me and my roommate, Elder Boekweg went and got haircuts today. the idea was to get them matching so we'd be twins when we went to Houston, but he looks much better. figures. pictures will come in a sec.

We were able to walk around the temple grounds on Sunday, and it was sooooo nice!! my district is basically the absolute best. We're all so tight. I love it! And we actually get to go to an ASL session today!! I cannot wait. It's been way too long since I've been. and I hope to be able understand what the heck is going on! I've learned so much American Sign Language in just  the last week. It really is incredible!

Quote of the week; "you can take the granny outta the hood, but ya can't take the hood outta the granny."
ya. we're all definitely still 18 year old guys. er. I mean elders.

I saw Elder Midgeley and Johnson on their first day! Midgeley is in my building, and his classroom is right by mine, so we run into each other a lot. It's pretty exciting.

On Thursday, we had a "voice fast" where we all put in ear plugs all day and couldn't use our voice! It was actually super fun! I'm getting very good at pretending to know what people are talking about.;)

I was also able to run this week! not a ton, but that's prolly a good thing. I'm very out of shape. Just kidding, because our classroom is on the fifth floor. So I walk up 5 flights of stairs every day like 4 times a day. boy. it gets me going. lemme tell ya.

Thats all for me! love you all!! pictures soon to follow!

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