Monday, October 12, 2015

A tale of innocence, heart break, and meeting new homies.

So, this week was super bitter sweet. We weren't able to see J. at all, because she bailed on us. Which mega sucked. It's so sucky to see someone so close, and who has such a strong testimony of Christ decide against the truth because of habit. 

For those of you who don't know, I worked at a insurance company for a while before the mission, and people would use "Ah. I would change, but I've been with my current company for so long, I'd hate to bail on em." And I'd always be like "Ya know, I guess that makes sense. Bye." 

And now it's happening here on the mission. And it hurts a whole lot more. I know this church is true, and can bring the most exquisite joy. 

Anyway.Other than that, this week was good, because we found 2 new investigators, almost on accident! We visited a less active on Monday night, and boom, her boyfriend decided to join! Super cool! His name
is B., and he's awesome. We're visiting again tonight. The other is named D., who is super nice, and we get to visit him again tomorrow! Cannot wait. It will be good!

Also, church is quickly becoming my favorite thing ever, because I can talk to everyone, and meet some members I don't usually talk to! There's this one named Z. who I met and went off about how beautiful
my sign name was. And I was like. Heh thanks. (By the way. It is no longer Elder Zebra Apple Laugh)

Also, funny story this week. Once upon a time there was a little Mormon boy who went to Texas. On his way into his home, he found 80 dollars in the parking lot. He decided the next day to take it into the office. When he did, however, they laughed at him and told him to keep it. So now he has 80 dollars that he feels too guilty to spend, and too embarrassed to give it up. The end.

Hope everyone else's week has been awesome!!

Elder Roberts

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