Monday, September 28, 2015

Ramro Manglubaar!

Well, stuff went down this week. and now there are not 2 ASL companionship, but 3! we are now the "East Elder." but I prefer the "North South East" Elders, because we cover all the way south, all the way north, just the east side, while the other two comps split the west side. Which means that our area is HUGE!!! Also, it drives Boekweg nuts, so that is a huge plus.;)

J. went really well this week! She has been progressing very well, and I have so much hope for her! I don't think she fully understands the purpose of the Book of Mormon, and it's super fun!! We're going to try to commit her to baptism this week, and focus on the Book of Mormon! I know that if she doesn't realize the power in that book, her progress will cease. We tried to commit her to baptism this week, but she was hesitant. "I've been my religion for so long!!" Flipping traditions of their fathers. I tell ya.

Also. along with ASL, I am now fluent in Nepali! We have this one guy we teach named T. who is a refugee from Nepal! He is so hard to understand. His ASL skills are minimal, and he is hard of hearing, which means he can actually speak pretty well. Nepali, that is. So randomly during our last lesson, he decided to write a couple of words in Nepali, and show us the sign for them. So let's just say next transfer, President Mortensen would be crazy to not send me Nepali speaking.;)

Love you all!

Haami gayau!

Elder Roberts

PS the subject is "Good Tuesday" in Nepali, because that's the only reasonably understandable statement i could make out of the motley bunch of words he taught us. I don't even know the names of the rest of the days of the week.

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