Monday, September 14, 2015

Church and Running and Bees

Well, this week was pretty swell, if I do say so myself!

I love meeting people, and this week was very much full of meeting new people! One of the amazing people I was able to meet is named J. She is a nonmember and was actually a referral the missionaries decided to drop a while ago because she was always super busy. But we visited her Monday to check up on her, and she invited us in with the biggest smile on her face ever! oh. it was awesome to be welcomed so warmly! As the lesson progressed, i was in trouble. She's probably around 60 or 70, and her signing is incredibly hard to understand. like, I pick up the bare minimum to know the topic of what she's saying, let alone what is being said about it! At one point, we were talking about the Apostasy, and how all the churches interpret the Bible different and junk, and she was like "ya!" and then just went OFF on a five minute rant about some story of her Paster drinking and her calling him out on it, and him saying the bible said it was okay, but she disagreed. but of course, that is the very watered down, Elder Roberts sucks at ASL version.

Now! the miracle! we invited her to church, and she said she'd come! BRILLIANT! So happy, we are waiting outside of our first hour class (they do it backwards, sacrament is last) and she isn't showing up. So of course, my hope starts to slowly dwindle. and Elder H eventually says we should probably just go to class, and she prolly isn't coming. I was bummed, but decided to not lose faith. As in I prayed probably a thousand million times for the next hour. I wanted her to come soon bad! and boom. 10 minutes before Sacrament, she calls and informs us she's in the back parking lot! HECKA!!! so we go out to get her, and SURPRISE! her deaf and blind husband is with her! 

She asked us if we'd help him out and into his walker and stuff, so we do, and holy smokes. I'm not lying when I say this guy looked like he could eat nails for fun. He looked like the meanest, scariest dude I'd ever met. I doubted if a smile had ever cracked his face before ever. Those thoughts were soon dashed, for when he realized there were people there, remember, blind and deaf, he got the biggest smile on his face, and starting making all sorts of amazing happy noises that I will never forget! Such a happy dude! Oh man! they both liked sacrament a lot, i think! and we are meeting them again on Wednesday! Ah! They're rad.:) Not sure how to teach L., her husband's name, though... Oh well. The Lord provided for us already, he'll do so again!

So, what I'm about to inform ya'll about will probably blow your minds. I've run the past couple of days. AND! here is the kicker, I've actually had to harness my inner Jacob Stone, and forced someone else to run with me!!! As in where I once had barely enough motivation to get myself to run when I had 7 people begging me to, I now have enough motivation to get 2 people to run! and it truly is a wrestle every morning. like, literally. Today, I had to slide his mattress of the bed and prop him against a wall, and then quickly remove the mattress to get him to stand. It's a party, and I probably burn more calories getting ready to run than actually running.

that's about all for this week! The power of faith is unbelievable!:)

Elder Roberts

Everything is bigger in Texas. Including flipping bees. Holy Frijoles! (chap stick for scale.)

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