Tuesday, September 8, 2015

First Companion and experiences in Houston

Okay. First off, I'm in love with flying. Ask Boekweg, I was like a giddy school girl on the plane! It was awesome!!! Second off, I love Houston! the Humidity is sooo fun! like, if you walk outside with a piece of paper, it is immediately damp. I love it! it makes me happy. which is good, because if I wasn't happy about it, I'd prolly focus on the heat and how flipping hot it is!! But I don't. and I love it.

My mission president and his wife are incredible. Totally. President grew up in Bountiful and always refers to it as the Holy Land, so that's cool. They took us to Rudys the first night, which is this flipping rad BBQ joint, and I ate a lot. Oh boy. It will be an interesting two years. The Battle of the Bulge that was fought in Europe will have nothing on the Battle of the Bulge that will be fought here in Texas.

My first week itself was pretty flipping fun! My companions name is Elder Hendrickson! which means we're prolly related somehow somewhere. He doesn't know Mr. H, but he looks just like him in my opinion! His sign name is "Haha" which means we're going to get along swimmingly. We honestly have so much fun, and this next week will be even better! the first couple days of this week were a little hard because Elder H was actually in English program for the last transfer, so we both had to get back in the swing of things. But we're there now, and ready to rock and roll!

Saturday night, we went to a family's home and taught them the restoration. They have a 9 year old daughter, who legits asked some of the funnest questions. Ever. "Who made god?" "Who is heavenly mother?" and "what did Jesus do while he was dead and before he was resurrected." Like, what kind of nine year old asks those kinds of questions?!!?! It was amazing.

Sunday was incredible. Like, beyond incredible! Church was so fun, met so many people! It's a little weird remembering people by their sign, not their name. Definitely will take some getting used to! I interpreted for priesthood meeting (the branch has a mix of hearing and deaf of each age group, either parents with deaf kids, or kids with deaf parents, so always need a interpreter) and I got multiple compliments on how well I did. Like, wut. Never saw that coming!

That evening, we met with M. and his wife. Oh man. That was prolly my favorite interaction so far! M.is this big deaf black dude who is just about the funniest human alive! He told me how, if I'm ever arrested, to enter all  big and bad, so people know not to mess with you. But. Of course, because he's deaf, he acted the whole thing out, and it was incredible! Also, his wife asked if I was deaf, and I said no, and she was like "whoa! you sign good!" so that's two compliments that made my whole day.

Love you all!:)

Elder Roberts

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