Monday, September 21, 2015


This week has been pretty good! Had a very good lesson with Josephine! Taught her the plan of salvation again, because she didn't understand it the first time, and gave her the Book of Mormon Stories book to help her understand the Book of Mormon, and she read it all. Like. crazy! we meet with her again tomorrow, and I cannot wait! 

Other than that, this week went by as usual. Me and Elder H made a giant map of the bus routes and it's completely hideous. Most of the lines only barely connect and it's crooked and I love it. I don't know why Doctor Frankenstein hated his monster so much, because I love mine.:)

Also! went to the temple!!!! It was amazing!! WAY too beautiful! ah. it was perfect.:) 

Hope everyone is good! love you all!:)

Elder Roberts

PS I forgot to explain the subject! We don't get fed by people everyday, but, almost guaranteed if we get fed once, we will get fed again that day. As in I've come home feeling like a hot air balloon way too many times to admit because I've had to politely eat a ton at a house, and then unexpectedly have to eat a ton AGAIN like 30 minutes later. Oh man. The enemy is making dangerous progress in this battle.

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