Monday, July 25, 2016


So first off, my new companion is Elder Jones, and he's a stud. Very good teacher, super obedient, and we're gonna be homies. It's awesome! And. We Serve over the YSA Ward on the Texas A&M campus!!!! I love it
so much. Campus is beautiful. The people are nice. The Ward is killer. Honestly. Life is so good.

Also. M. and D. got Baptized. Soooo good!! Everything worked out. Except the youngest daughter who we thought was 8 is actually 7. Nepali people count age differently though. So it was just mani, Dhan, and the daughter! Me and elder jones drove 100 miles from college station down to their church. It was amazing.

Life is great! I've met some amazing people here. One of them I'm actually sitting by named Matt. He's a recent convert of a month, and he's amazing. So many good people. I love you all so much!

Have a great week!

Elder Roberts

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