Friday, July 14, 2017

Sai Ping and some other cool things.

We did a lot of interpreting this week! It's so funny how situation is
everything. Huge testimony builder that looking, sounding, and being a
missionary everywhere you are really does make a huge difference! If
you only invite people to learn at there door step, you'll miss so
many people. We helped one of our members solve some problems at work,
which was nice. Her boss was very appreciative. Also. At crr, the one
service place where we are currently teaching a civics class to help
deaf immigrants pass the citizenship test, we had a special
presentation about what it takes and basically all the red tape there
is, and they asked me to help interpret for them! And one Chinese
woman said she was vey appreciative and said it was very clear. And
then, here's the testimony builder, we visit a less active we've
visited many times on Saturday. Knock on the door. And the Chinese
woman answers!!!!!! What?!?! Haha! We were able to talk about Book of
Mormon and the peace it brings us and honestly her eyes were so
alight.  Such a cool experience. Her name is Sai Ping, and we will
probably need to wait until next week to meet with her. There's a
giant deaf expo this week for the Fourth of July up in Las Vegas. Tens
of thousands of deaf with be there.  I asked my president if we could
go, and he said okay! Haha no just kidding.;)

Another amazing experience was for like, 2 weeks I've felt like I
really need to talk with president about changing asl up a bit. Like a
lot, actually. Right now we have 4 elders, and I've felt like I should
tell him we need to cut that down to 2. But I was rather afraid. The
deaf branch has had at least 4 missionaries forever. So like, it was a
pretty big thing to bring up to president. I walk in to our interview
on Wednesday, we have a prayer, the first thing out of his mouth is
"why does Fallbrook need 4 missionaries?" My brain exploded. The
spirit is so rad. I literally had a list of pros and cons outlined for
his topic, and we were on the same page. I love president so much.
Anyway. So that's big news. I'll probably be going English soon. Kinda
sad... But good.

Today for the Fourth of July, we had a ward breakfast, and all the
missionaries were enlisted! Haha! Woke up at 5 am this morning to cook
bacon and sausage. I swear. If there's one thing harder than 6:30,
it's 5. Hahaha but for God and for this country, I managed to drag
myself outta bed! Plus side I'll smell nice the rest of the day.

I somehow got a cold this week. It's seriously 100 degree weather with
humidity that makes it feel like Mount Doom and I get a cold. How that
happens, I have no idea.

Last but not least, we moved apartments this week!! Haha! Kinda sad.
I've lived in that other one for 7 months almost. And it's been the
asl south apartment for 5 years! Now it belongs to some Spanish
hermanas. We went back Saturday night to pick up some things we
forgot, and in 5 hours they had changed it 180 degrees. No kids, it's
smelled funny for as long as I've lived there, we figured it was a
neighbor. We walk in and the sisters have like 5 candles burning, and
it smells like cool breeze blowing across a beach made of cinnamon.
Hahaha to quote them "ya it smelled pretty weird in here. We thought
it was just the 5 years worth of elder." Messed up.

Anyway. I think that's about all!

Love you!

Elder Roberts

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