Friday, July 14, 2017

Feliz Semana de Pascua!

Aaron done got baptized this week!! It was so awesome!! His parents were able to come as well, which was way cool. They seemed to really enjoy it, and we gave them a Book of Mormon after. Well see how that develops!:)

Easter was fantastic. I learned how to say "Happy Easter" in Spanish, too, so that's cool. It's really bad because I know like, 20 phrases en Espanol now, and have absolutely no fear in saying them, so many people just go ape crazy when I say something because they assume I know more than the one phrase I said. It leads to a lot of awkward explanations. I love it. It's hilarious. For Easter, our YSA Ward had a big Passover thingy where our bishop walked us through the Passover, and all the symbolism and stuff. Aaron dug it like crazy. Haha! Also learned that lamb is not half bad!

We saw many miracles this week. Which is made more amazing because honestly our whole zone is. It's pretty wild to see what happens when people gather in the unity of faith. I'm pretty sure my last 800 emails have boiled down to that. Faith. We were able to set another date, his name is Zachariah, which was sweet! He's hilarious. Came and played football with us on Saturday, and is dang good. Him and Aaron are homties already. 

Things pressing on my mind this week are obviously given what day it was tomorrow, revolve around the life, ministry, death, and most importantly, resurrection of the Savior. Words cannot describe my gratitude for Him. Elder Holland is known for a quote the gist of which is that because Christ walked the lonely road to Gethsemane and Golgotha, we never have to. He's always there. He not only walked his own path completely and utterly alone, but each of our paths. Awhile back I shared the scripture in ether about waves taking us to the promised land and stuff, and when they would pray, the wind wouldn't cease, they were just able to withstand. Nephi has a similar experience, on a boat, going to the promised land, some pretty hectic waves start pummeling and, to be short, he prays and they cease. It uses the words actually of "great calm." This doesn't show god picks favorites. Far from it. It shows that Christ walked our path, and therefore knows exactly what WE need in order to make it. Some need winds, some need calm. The point? This Easter season, remember who's behind the wind and the calm, and do as both the Jaredites and Nephi do, and give thanks. Come what may.

Love y'all!

Elder Roberts

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