Friday, July 14, 2017

Faith- Alma 32

Alma 32 has been what I've been studying.
I've been really good. Elder Hill and I get along super well. Work our tails off all the time. It's the best. We're working really closely with our Chinese investigator, his name is Jason. He's doing well. We need to focus on his Book of Mormon reading, though. 

Our other investigator, we saw a huge miracle. His name is Mike, and he doesn't believe in God, and has refused to pray. Does everything except pray, actually. Anyway. We fasted for him this last fast Sunday, and no kidding we met him on Monday and it was a complete change. He had prayed the night before, his countenance was 300% different, it was amazing. 
Anyway. Life is good. Love ya!
Elder Roberts

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