Friday, July 14, 2017


This week was really really good! Elder Barton and I were able to do the 8 week training, which is basically something our president does where after a missionary has been out for 8 weeks and may make the mistake that they're getting the hang of things, we meet and president blows their minds about how to teach. It's seriously so sic. Best meeting ever. Everyone always leaves so motivated to become better. I love it!
We're also really starting to get things going in our area. It's been a little slow going, but with faith and diligence, we're getting there! Right now we have two studly people, Ivy and Diego. Diego is college aged, and took us out to breakfast today and this delicious place. We thought we were gonna pay for ourselves, Diego thought he was going to pay for all of us, and some guy we don't even know decided he'd anonymously pay for all of us. hahahaha blessings!
Diego is straight up the coolest dude ever.
Ivy is also super great. 17 years old, and just gets things. She came to church, as well as the mission president's fireside, which was so good. She texted us after just thanking us for inviting her.
I was also able to go back on an exchange to my old stomping grounds of college station! Whoop! It was actually super weird going back. Elder whitaker and I killed it, though. miss that place. Had a lesson with two of my all time favorite people ever about the commandments. Pretty sick lesson. (you know who you are.)
This week, I've been trucking through the prophecy of Samuel in Helaman. boy oh boy is there some good stuff! Something that especially stands out to me, and I can't even remember if I've talked about this before. But the idea of repentance. literally, this is probably the word satan has done the best at distorting and misconstruing the meaning! I know I always hear repentance and groan a little, because it means we did something wrong. Okay. HOLD UP! We all stinking know we make mistakes. No if ands or buts. We all know. So move on and realize what repentance really means!
Samuel says repent like a bajillion times during his prophecy, and he also talks about glad tidings! Sound familiar? Citation to Luke chapter 2 with the shepherds! What are the glad tidings? A son is born! But what does that really mean? WE CAN REPENT!!!! Repentance isn't something we should feel fear for. Or something we feel like we're being forced into, repentance is quite literally just growth. The ability to change and become better! THAT'S WHY THE TIDINGS OF THE BIRTH OF JESUS CHRIST ARE SO GLAD! So don't be offended by my caption. It's really just an invitation to use the atonement of Jesus Christ to become the person he wants you to be! Yump.

Love y'all! no pictures... sorry.

Elder Roberts

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