Friday, July 14, 2017

Which love endureth by diligence unto prayer.

So, first thing. Aaron is doing so stinking well! We had a lesson with him, and he was struggling understanding what he was reading, so we decided to read with him! 1 Nephi 21 was the chapter he was on, so we read that and... word to the wise, don't read 1 Nephi 21 unless your prepped to give an entire history lesson on Israel, and a whole lesson on olive trees, too. Hahaha oh man. good lesson.:) He came to football again, and wrecked like normal. Seriously, he's so good. In Sunday school, we were talking about keeping the sabbath day holy, and the blessing that come and things, and he raises his hand and goes "I remember something Elder Roberts said about spiritual muscles!" and it was seriously the best. hahahaha! Crazy the little things people end up remembering! Also, just as a side note. flag football is probably the best missionary tool the Lord has provided. Every single week the crew gets bigger, and it's so much fun!

I was able to finish the Book of Mormon this week. I love that book. it's kinda funny how I'm so excited to finish it, just because I know it means I get to start all over again! Whoop! I'm going to try to finish it one more time before I come home. Which should be possible since I still have like, 2 years left. No sweat!:) Seriously though. the last couple of chapters are so dang thought provoking. I don't even know where to begin. I think one of the biggest things I received was the importance of our own effort. Conversion doesn't happen on it's own, at least lasting conversion doesn't. It has to be an intentional thing! Moroni 8:26 talks about how the Holy Ghost bringing the feelings of peace, hope, and of course, Charity (don't even get me started on charity. oh man.) 

But the line right after I think is the real key! "Which love endureth by diligence unto prayer." We may be blessed with a precious moment, a fleeting instant where we're able to see someone the way, or at least a fraction of the way, the Savior is able to see someone, but it will only be fleeting unless we work to keep, and remember that! 

This principle honestly I've found applies to everything. Moroni 9:6 is one of my new favorite scriptures, as my mission continues, and my time dwindles, but i'm starting to realize how short our time really is. We each have a labor to perform, and now is the stinking time to make it happen. It's interesting how charity (too late. y'all got me started on charity now.) is the pure love Christ. which literally means seeing their full potential, and loving them enough to correct them until they get there! Who the lord loves he chasteneth! Being diligent unto prayer for charity will give us the desire to be diligent in performing all other labors the Lord places on us! flip. I love the Book of Mormon.

Love y'all!

Elder Roberts

Us with our ward mission leader and Aaron at football! "Mormons play football?"-Aaron

One of my favorite missionaries in the whole wide world. Love this Elder.

Found this stinking sick lake.

Mmy ability in parking has not improved... parked right on the line, when we get back, this massive truck who looks like he's probably some bounty hunter is parked right next to me. flip.

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