Friday, July 14, 2017

Why do bad things happen to good people?

Spending all day in front of a computer doing transfer stuff=Elder Roberts is really sick of computer screens. You're all very lucky I love you and will try to write something.

This week was probably the weirdest of my mission in a lot of ways. It was zone conference week, and so most of the week was spent in meetings. We didn't have a single morning all week due to conferences in various areas, district meeting, and transfer planning. I was actually asked to interpret for Elder Boekweg at one of the conferences! Haven't signed in legits like, 9 months! Somehow, it was still there! Only forgot a few vocab words...:)

Despite our very little time, somehow, the Lord showed his hand and provided us with miracles in even the very short amount of time we were given to actually knock doors and teach! We found an awesome family named the Rivera family, they're from Nicaragua, and rock! Straight up! She goes "You definitely found me at a good time in my life, because I've been asking myself these very questions!" So that's pretty sick! haha! The biggest question that she had was actually "Why do bad things happen to good people?" It's interesting to me, how this is honestly the biggest question I've confronted on my mission. The best part? The Book of Mormon has the answers!!! 

One of my favorite stories that exemplify this is in the Book of Ether, chapter 6. verses 5 and 6 paint a pretty good picture about what kind of predicament these seafaring people are in.  Their little barges that are basically just really big sunflower seeds is how I've always imagined them. The waves are mountainous, the wind furious, and the storm unrelenting. Verse 7 provides us with one reason why, no matter how good these people are, literally they are the most righteous on the earth at the point of the story, the waves still come, the winds still howl. Why? because as we see in verse 7, if it was a nice easy breeze, and the whole trip they could sit out and sun bathe and fish, what are the chances of them doing as they do at the end of verse 7, which is, call upon the Lord? Not very likely, that's for darn sure! So that's number one. Number two comes in verse 8! where is the voyage taking them? And therefore in an analogous way, where do our life's storms take us?? 

Along with all of this, there is a promise in ether 2:25 when God is basically letting the prophet of the time know all this stuff is gonna happen, he says "And behold, i prepare you against these things; for ye cannot cross this great deep save I prepare you against the waves of the sea..."

I promise, no matter how furious the wind, mountainous the wave, or rough the waters, the Lord has only put you through such a voyage because he knows that YOU CAN HANDLE IT!!! You'll make it. keep your chin up, and call unto the Lord to bring you back up on top. 

Love y'all!!

Elder Roberts
Us washing our car!

Held a lizard this week. Elder Barton took 80 billion pictures. Here a few. Pretty Gnarly.

District meeting! Way good!

Elder Barton was mixing a vitamin c drink thing in a bottle, and as he was shaking it up, the pressure build up was too much and literally exploded all over the wall. It was the most hilarious thing on the planet. Unfortunately I wasn't able to capture his face, only the outcome.

Literally, this picture makes me wanna cry. I'm not in it, unfortunately, but Rashard was able to get to the temple this weekend! And if you'll notice, another familiar face is there... MORGAN! She was able to go with him! Miss them.

Super Bowl 2k18 here we come.

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