Friday, July 14, 2017

You're killing me, Elder Rockberts!

This week was spectacular! Honestly. So many amazing things. First
off, the Fourth of July was so good. One of the busiest days ever.
Haha! Woke up at 5 in the morning to go cook bacon and sausage for the
ward breakfast. It basically ended up as a bacon stew. Except it was
stewing in its own grease. It was honestly super nasty. Until you took
it out and ate it. Some of the best bacon. Oh man. We also had a party
with one of our less actives, Zena. She is such a stud! Not kidding
she was the only member there. Met so many new people, and invited
them all to our wards deaf social party thing the 23rd!! We'll see how
it goes. Lastly, after pday ended, we decided as a district to go to a
park and pick up trash instead of knocking on doors full of very
American Americans. Haha it was so fun! We ended up playing baseball
with a couple of kids, and gave them cards after, and it was one of my
favorite things. I suck at baseball. In case you were wondering. I
felt like smells from the sandlot. Haha!

Another funny thing, for some reason, the entire Fallbrook primary
calls me elder rockberts, I think I've mentioned this before. But
anyway. We had dinner at our branch presidents house on Wednesday, and
he has two daughters in the primary who are so adorable. And when I
walk in the littlest one, like 5-6 years old exclaims "ELDER
ROCKBERTS! WE HAVE ROCKS FOR YOU!" And for the majority of the rest of
the dinner, she brought me rocks. One by one, until finally it
culminated with her bringing me down a yellow bucket full of rocks.
What the flip. Hahaha! Elder McGinnis told me to throw them on the
ground or something, but I just couldn't get myself to do that. I
really do think that the little gave them to me thinking I'd be
overjoyed. Rocks are very hard to come by, I guess? So instead, I put
googly eyes on them, and gave them back. Mwahahaha! (Thank you Elder
Blackham for the googly eyes. They came in handy!)

Now the real big news! Lorenzo went through the temple! And! He asked
me to be his escort. Seriously, one of the most amazing experiences
I've ever had. When asked how he felt "I'm just so grateful that the
lord let me into his house." Seriously, if that doesn't hit ya right
in the kisser, nothing will. Such an amazing insight. He leaves in 3
weeks. It's weird remembering where I was 3 weeks before I left. All
the nerves, and excitement, and uncertainty, and all that jazz. Haha
needless to say, I feel him.

Thanks for all the love! This coming week is probably going to be my
last week on asl for awhile. Everytime I think about it, I get super
sad. Almost like leaving home all over again. I guess living in a
place for almost a year will do that to ya.

Have a great week!

Elder Rockberts

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