Friday, July 14, 2017


I honestly hate that that word is becoming a very integral part of my
vocabulary. But I guess it's a big thing at A&M. Seriously, there are
a few phrases or words you can say to absolutely anyone with a 100%
chance they say it back. One of which is "Howdy" another is "Gig Em!"
It's awesome.

Hahaha this week was so crazy. First off. Got my new companion. He's
from Orem Utah, and graduated class of 2016. Aka. IM TRAINING. He's
honestly so amazing. I've learned so much from him already. I love it.
It's really weird when he asks questions and it throws me back to when
I was being trained, and how I had the exact question, and I honestly
can't remember how I found an answer. Hahaha the mission is weird, in
that you always feel inadequate, and stressed, and like your new to it
all the time, but sometimes you get opportunities to really recognize
how far you've come. How much the Lord has helped. And those are very
humbling times.

As I'm sure many of you know, it's college football season. A&M had
their first home game this Saturday. Whoa. Craziest thing ever. So
many people. So much alcohol. Hahahaha it was nuts. But hey. We won.
So that's good! We were honestly worried we'd lose, because that would
mean everyone would be mad and upset. And that leads to less than
ideal missionary situations. Hahaha before the game while there were
hoards of people everywhere, we went and drew stuff on the sidewalk in
chalk. Pretty fun! And after the game we helped people carry stuff and
take it down. Me and elder jones carried these two car batteries in a
crate that I think was made out of razor blades. Haha super hilarious.
We ended up jury-rigging some pads out of trash in order to not lose
our fingers!

This week in gospel essentials we were learning about families, and
how they're ordained and organized by God and stuff. And I had a
thought come to mind. I've honestly always been amazed by oranges,
they grow with perfect little slices to be eaten. It honestly used to
dumbfound me how caring God was to make us such perfect little snacks.
And our family is the same way. It may not look, act, or seem like any
one else's. But if God took the care to a detail as small as oranges
for us, i think it's safe to trust that whatever else happens, it's
not a overlook.

Love y'all!

Elder Roberts

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