Friday, July 14, 2017

Sorry it's late again...

This week has been so good. One of the standards that each missionary is sort of expected to get is 5 new investigators each week, and especially when you're opening a new area like Elder Barton and I are, it's even more important to find. So this week we've been finding. Basically any moment we had we'd get out and knock some, or go up on our campus (man I've missed that!) I love in preach my gospel it teaches us that finding is an act of faith. And we all know that faith precedes miracles.
Therefore, a week full of finding is a week full of miracles!!! I don't even know where to start... hahaha one night, it was towards the end of the week we had just finished knocking and things, and decided to visit a family the bishop had told us to visit. When we did, we found that they had a family friend there! Yada yada yada he's a new investigator and is totally sick. I could go on, but my time is tight. I do love and will mention something President said this week "God works according to faith, He is not limited by tactic!" This is directly referring to tracting, but it's so stinking true for everything in life. Moving forward with faith is one hundred times better than waiting to move until we know!!
Something else, in Ether 2, the words commanded and directed are used a lot. Interesting why? In D&C 82:10 we learn that commandments=Godly directions. In Ether 2, specifically vs 5-7 we see better WHERE these directions take us. Interestingly enough, they first lead us through the wilderness, where no man had gone before. Literally causing them (us) to leave everything we know and are comfortable doing, with the promise of something better. Vs 7. But just like mentioned above. ITS ALL PREDICATED ON FAITH.

We also had a baptism in our ward!! The sisters we split the Ward with had their investigator Marci get baptized, and she asked Elder barton and me to do the ordinances! Such a blessing. Honestly, such an honor to be able to confirm someone and give them the greatest gift we can receive here on Earth, The Holy Ghost!

Love y'all!

Elder Roberts

Us at Marci's baptism! 

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