Friday, July 14, 2017

This do in remembrance of me.

I actually have tons of pictures this week. mostly because it's two weeks worth! So buckle up! haha

These past two weeks have seen so many miracles. honestly. We've been on more exchanges than I can even remember. Hahaha last Sunday, we were able to have 3 people be able to come to church, and remember the Savior by partaking of the Sacrament. One of them were people we had tracted into that week, which was pretty sweet to see them come to church! Only one of the three came again this week, though. the other two were busy with something or other. 

Basically all this last week, I was on an exchange. It was so much fun. The first half was, you guessed it, back in College Station! Good ol' traditions YSA, baby! Haha I guess I haven't learned enough the first six months, so President keeps sending me back! hahaha fine by me, though. I gotta see all of my best friends in the whole wide world. most were mad at me though. I may not have told them I was coming... soooo... hahaha word to the wise. Don't let the sister missionaries be the ones to break it to the friends you've made in a ward that you're back for a few days. bad idea.
The last half of the week I was able to spend up on Sam Houston, another university in our mission. pretty interesting. Had a ton of fun with the Elders up there, and even set a date, and found a sick old dude named Charlie who made fun of me for blushing so easily, as well as called me out for not being as strong as one of my companions. hahaha oh well...:)

This week, while I was gone, Elder Barton was able to do some serious work. the day I got back, we were able to set a date in our own area, and then give him a church tour, and then, get this, he not only came to church, he stayed the extra hour for choir practice! what?!?!?!?!? hahahaha seriously. one of a stinking kind.

something I've been thinking a lot about is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Particularly how the Sacrament plays into it. The sacrament is so amazing. straight up. I absolutely love two stories in the Bible that mention the sacrament. The first being Luke chapter 22, when it is first instituted. literally. this is Christ's last night on Earth before his crucifixion. And this is the thing he institutes to help his apostles remember him. The bread for the body, in remembrance that Christ's own body was beaten, bruised, and torn for us. But more importantly, that three days later, he rose. and because of that, ALL of us will as well! The cup for the blood, in remembrance that though our sins be as scarlet, through and only because of the blood of the Lamb, our sins really can be as wool. So beautiful. the other story is actually Luke 24, with the disciples on the road to emmaus, who for realsies don't recognize the Savior when he is standing, walking, and teaching them in the flesh. Until something happens, he brakes bread, and blesses it. Sound familiar??
It's only after they partake of the sacrament that their eyes were able to be opened! Lastly, in the account of the Savior in the Americas in third Nephi, one of the first things He does is teach about the sacrament. Then after that, every time he comes back, he does it again, and doesn't teach until, as it says specifically in 3 Nephi 20:9, all had their chance to partake. I realized this week why. The sacrament, with it's ability to cleanse and purify us is the tool God has provided to prepare us for the further light and knowledge He has in store for us. I dunno about y'all, but I cannot go a week, without depending on the lessons the Lord has for me. And it is for that purpose that I choose to go to church every Sunday, so that I can participate in such a divinely appointed ordinance. What a blessing!

Um... life is good. Life is busy. sorry this email is so late. it's a long story. but it is done with permission from President. so... yump! There is so much more I want to explain. it's amazing how 2 years is really just filled with countless, indescribable moments... haha later!


Elder Roberts
Exchange with the Sam Houston Elders!

Sam Houston is huge!!

free frozen yogurt? yes please.:)

Knocking, this lady offered us this painting.... so gnarly.

First 5 guys in 19 months... Yumm!
Zone meeting we were able to attend!

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