Friday, July 14, 2017

Lots of thoughts.

This week was pretty swell. Elder Bailey is reading Jesus the Christ, therefore he's thinking a lot, because Jesus the Christ does that. This also means he's asked some crazy sick questions that just get us talking about random junk, makes driving interesting. hahaha it's hilarious!

As is the custom of all missionaries, we saw many a mighty miracle amongst mountains of magnificent moments! Mostly the miracles mingled between monstrous spiritually magnifying memories. 

One of these memories mentioned was Maddy meandered to the Temple! (I cannot even tell you how long it took me to think of all of those m words...) We were able to teach her outside of the temple grounds about the Gospel of Jesus Christ! it was a dang good time, and we had one of our studly recent converts there who bore some serious testimony. it was so fantastic. what made it more memorable was that we did it right by the fountain, so she and Jasmin sat on the bench, and we sat on the fountain ledge thingy. so the whole time, we couldn't hear anything she said... hahaha it was so dang funny! luckily Jasmin was there to cover for us.:)

We also helped at an Ironman this week! so that was fun... poor
people. it was actually tons of fun! the whole ward almost went out
and it was way fun!

In sacrament, our bishop stood up and talked about what it means to be
a true Christian. It was pretty dang cool. Made me think. It's pretty
interesting how the closer you get to the Savior, the more discontent
you grow with the little weaknesses you have. Recently, as I've
strived to become better, the Holy Ghost has brought things to my mind
that I've always sort of known I should do, for example, writing in my
journal. Do you know how stinking easy it is to not write in your
journal?? However. I had a pretty powerful moment this week where I
sorta realized... I should do that. Something I've learned on my
mission is Christ wants us to be "true christians." Each of us. And if
we ask, he'll let us know, like my experience with writing in my
journal. Step by step, we're each on our own path to becoming more
obedient disciples, and it's dictated by the Holy Ghost. Therefore, we
shouldn't judge others for where they're at, All we can do is be open
and receptive to make sure when the Holy Ghost speaks, we're able to

Anyway. Love y'all. Have a sick week! Read your scriptures!! Listen to
the Spirit! Qualify yourselves to become better every single day!

Love y'all!

Elder Roberts

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