Monday, July 24, 2017

Christlike Leadership

Not letting your emails go down the drain is probably the toughest thing I've ever done. But! Recently I've had several very powerful testimonies about keeping records. So I'm trying... bare with me... who am I kidding. At this point no one reads this. There are some good pics you can slide to, though.

This week was so good! We got some serious sun. It was great! Out and about and stuff. It's stinking hot here. And I love it. It's hard to even picture snow, like, I can't imagine that feeling of getting thrown into a snow bank. Not something I'm looking forward to remembering... haha!

But! The most Important thing that happened this week!!! MASON GOT BAPTIZED!!!! It was such a great baptism!! He's such the man. We sat down with him Wednesday before and went over the last little things, and he straight was teaching us. That son of a gun. Hahaha! He also received the priesthood, and will be going to the temple this Friday! Can you believe that?!? Big week planned, this week.:)

Also. Matty Cakes passed his interview. So he'll be getting baptized on Saturday!! Whatta blessing to be a part of these two studs path to the Savior.<3

This week, I also found a new hero! Actually he's rather old. Alma, from the Book of Mormon! Alma Senior, that is. He's such the man. Honestly, reading just the chapters about him have provided me with tons and tons of thoughts about Christlike Leadership. One being about the topic of "which way do I face?" And maybe a better question "which way do I help the people I lead face?"

So often, we take leadership, and everyone knows us, and people look up to us, and our heads get to be the size of Neptune. Where does this say we're helping people to face? Hint. It's right at our ugly mug!!! When leadership becomes popularity, or our decisions are swayed by what people will think of us, being fearful the flow of hot air right to our noggins will be curbed a little, that's when we cease to lead as the Savior did. Ya know, the one who never once made an extremely popular decision, who without fail said "thy (God's) will be done." 

Alma provides us with a great example in Mosiah 24:20. He's just saved his people from bondage, and they're pumped! So much so they name the little valley "Alma," after their leader! Right after, Alma recognizes he may be enjoying this praise a little too much, and what does he do??? Verse 21! Redirects them to where the miracles really came. 

That's the lesson. As leaders, we lead those towards praising God.


Love y'all!

-Elder Roberts

Mason's Baptism

Mason's Confirmation and Priesthood ordination

Frisbee clan<3
Accidentally matched a members chair...

Skipped a rock here.


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