Friday, July 14, 2017

"After all we can do."

Alright. So. Lemme give ya the scoop. This week was great. But first,
I have a couple just stupid and funny stories.

First was with Don. He's this super old man, possibly a wizard he's so
old. We knocked into him, and had a talk with him, and turns out he's
had like, tons of missionaries visit him before, and keeps everything
they give him. So he has tons of cards, a Book of Mormon, everything.
Anyway. We called him Monday to set up a return appointment, and he
just talked for ages, and then let me talk to his friend who was
visiting him, and honestly it was hilarious. I was dying.

Second. Maggie. So this girl came up to us during our club week, and
it was weird, she made eye contact with me, and comes up and we talk,
and she goes "I've already been to your institute on Wednesday!" And I
was like what??? Can you hear the baptismal bells?? Anyway. So get her
number, and stuff. And then the whole week we text her as if she's an
investigator, inviting her to stuff and things, but she's busy like,
all week. So that stinks. Finally we invite her to church on Saturday
and she says "awesome! See ya there!" Perfect. Turns out she's a
freaking member the whole time. Hahahaha hilarious... At least elder
jones and hill thought so. Haha

On other, less stupid news. Our assistants committed us to get 3
people to church this week. So of course we bust our tails to
accomplish it. We had seriously 14 people committed (one was actually
Maggie, but I don't even wanna talk about that.) and of the 14, two
came. But this one girl named Adriana came out of nowhere. So there's
our 3! Basically a huge testimony builder of D&C 123:17. We gave it
our all. Everything we had. And it wasn't enough. But by the goodness
of God, he recognized our efforts. Really neat.

Also, I gave a training at zone meeting about seeking, and finding.
The story of Nephi, Laman, and Lemuel is a perfect example of the
difference. When the lord asks us to seek, he doesn't expect us to try
once, twice, or even three times. He expects us to seek until we find.
Never giving up, and moving forward with faith. Really learned a lot
from preparing it.

I think that's about it.

Love y'all!

Elder Roberts

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