Friday, July 14, 2017

Rashard is on Date!

Us with our ward mission leader. Hahaha best stinking district. Love each one of them!
So this week was general Conference! Ya. I know. Shocker. Zach was able to come, which was great! He loved it. As he was leaving he was like "I was tying really hard to stay awake." Hahaha poor chap. He loved it though!

We also set a date with Rashard, Morgan's friend! November 4th! Stupid story, when we set the date it was sept 29, and for some reason, when I committed him, I thought it was august. So I said "we know the lord will prepare you by oct 4th." Elder Hill lost his mind, Rashard lost his mind,  Morgan lost her mind, while I'm sitting there going what the stink guys, have some faith! And then a second later. I realized the grave error. Hahahahaha one of the most embarrassing moments on my mission! So anyway. His date is NOVEMBER 4th! Hahahaha!

We had a Mormonism 101 on campus, which was pretty good! Had a good turn out, and hopefully will see some fruits of that these next couple weeks!

Also. Today we were doing laundry, and our machines are outside, so I'm doing it when elder Hill goes "look at that squirrel on the roof!" So I look just in time to see this stinking squirrel jump off the 3 story roof into some trees. Probably the most humorous thing I've ever seen in my whole life!! Hahahaha!

Favorite talk this general Conference was definitely elder uchtdorf's from the priesthood session. Check it out, it's amazing!

Catch y'all next week!

Elder Roberts

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