Friday, July 14, 2017

Bible Studies

This week was awesome! A couple rad experiences;
we were wandering around in a building we love to study in on campus, and that day, there are tons of people in groups studying. From the Bible!! Perfect. Haha. One as we passed actually invited us to join, so we of course pop a squat and whip out our king James. Mark 3. And we just talk, making sure not to mention anything about he Book of Mormon or prophets or anything. Because we know they'd bring it up. And sure enough. 30 minutes later it's a Q and A with he mormons. Hahaha it was sic. By the end they all lined up to get fliers for our Mormonism 101 were hosting on Thursday. So great!

Another stinking miracle. Buckle up for this one. So Morgan, the baptism from forever ago, has this friend named Rashard, she works with him, and has taught him basically everything she's learned so far. And he loves it. But hasn't been able to meet with us, he came to her baptism and ever since we've been homies. Anyway. I saw him on campus this week listening to music, and in a giant crowd. Aw hecka nah rashard. I see you. So I call him, and he comes over, and we teach him the plan of salvation, he loved it. Seriously. It was so amazing. Felt the spirit super strong. We're gonna meet him again Tuesday, and we're stoked. Ahhhh!! So many miracles.:)

Also. Funny moment. I was in the new era ages ago, 2011, and our institute has a library with every new era ever! So I showed my district my model shot, and they lost it. Eventually it got back to the institute director, and he lost his stinking mind. He made me sign the new era. Hahahahaha! 
That's all for this week. Love y'all!

Elder Roberts
Famous Matt

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