Friday, July 14, 2017

General Conference and Pinecones

You really should read it!!

This week was pretty alright... PSYCH!! it was fantastic!! 

Transfer week=craziest stinking week in the whole universe! Haha it doesn't help that it was raining, so flights were delayed, suits were wettened, but hey, Chick fil A was eaten. So it all evened out. This transfer I actually got a new companion named Elder Bailey. Holy smokes, he's probably one of the coolest people I've ever met. We have so much fun together, and get it done. We saw so many miracles this week, it's ridiculous.

The first, we set a date with Madison this week!!!! It was so great! We taught about Christ, and what his sacrifice means, and how magnificent the promises are to those who follow him, and then boom. She's getting baptized the 6th of may! Pretty wild, stuff. she's so rad, if we had asked she would have been baptized last night had we invited her for that. Hahaha pretty rad.

Aaron is the man. Half way through the Saturday morning session of general conference, he goes "Elder Roberts, I cannot wait for my baptism." he's the flipping man.

This week was General Conference, which is always a treat in the field. Learned so much. Another miracle that we witnessed this week actually came because of something I learned in conference. It was talked about being a "first responder," meaning when we feel that small impression, DO! there often times isn't enough time to second guess and question whether or not it was "real" or "from the spirit." 

The Lord needs those who are ready NOW who will ACT because they want to do good, and don't need to know everything right now. Literally during that talk, I had an awesome potential family come to mind of someone we needed to visit. So of course, we did. but of course, I had written their address in my last transfer planner. and not in the current one. flip. you'd think after 20 months i'd learn. but sadly no! 

We walked down the street, looking at each house, and decided to give up and come back later after grabbing my planner. As we drive off, that feeling came again, but this time it was like a "We have to at least knock on that door with the big pine cones." Yep. that's how the prompting came. And if it had been any other day, I probably would have ignored it. BUT NOT THIS DAY! We go back, knock on the door. and it's them!!!!!!! miracle. super cool. Going to go again later this week to teach them!:) can't wait!

So that's the lesson of the week! Never postpone a prompting, even if it's super random and doesn't make logical sense.


Elder Roberts

Elder Bailey and My first training together.:'):')

Got a text from a man we meet with that literally speaks almost exclusively french. Check the time. also, he thinks my name is Robert. Curse having a last name that is basically a first name...

FHE!!! Madison is the one right in front of Elder Barton and I.

Found this stud in the airport. Imagine that.

Us at the temple!

Us with the departing missionaries... tries not to cry... cries a lot....

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