Friday, July 14, 2017

Hola como estas?

Went on three exchanges this week. Hahaha exchanges are so much fun!
One of the exchanges was with a Spanish missionary. I'm their area.
Sleep deprivation and Lessons in a language you don't know do not mix
well. Hahahaha I feel so bad, it was like an hour and 15 minutes, and
I can only account for maybe 55 Hahahaha but elder Curtis is a champ.
So it's all good!

Other than that, the week was pretty normal. We were able to teach a
family named the skinners. They talk a lot. Hahaha! So we only got
half way through the restoration. But it's all good. We'll blow their
minds tomorrow!

We also went tracking a whole heel this week! Which is so fun.
Honestly finding is a blast. Haha people always go "not interested"
before we say even a word, and when asked if they've seen us before,
they go "yes! You're jehovah witness!" Hahaha lots of assumptions
being made. Haha too funny!! It's all good, though. Elder Barton is
the stinking man. He's so persistent. I love it. Hahaha

Something I've been thinking a lot about is pride. Pride stinks.
Hahaha it's fascinating how when we do as the lord commands, we get
blessed, and prosper, and things go well! I've seen it time and time
on my mission. Especially this week. The whole mission hit record
highs in almost all of our key indicators. Why? Because recently we've
all truly come together and become unified in, ready for this, HARD
WORK! Haha it's seriously amazing how much working changes things.
Whoda thunk, right? But anyway. Back to what I was saying is that it
happens time and time again in our lives that we finally align our
will with God's, things start moving! Which can do two things. 1 make
us grateful, and more humble. Recognizing the additional need we have
on the savior. Or 2 make us feel right good about ourselves, and
gradually we forget more and more God's hand. So that's what I'm going
to focus on this week. Is remember God is truly the fount of every

Anyway. My emails seem way more boring recently. Sorry. Love ya.

Elder Roberts

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