Friday, July 14, 2017


Sorry it's stinking late again. Literally all today was spent moving apartments, and role playing with President in preparation for mission leadership council tomorrow, which is gonna be sick. Mission Leadership Council is legit.

Anyway, so, since we've moved into the new area, a ton happened! The person the elders before us who had a baptismal date bailed without ever meeting us, he got into some weird stuff while the mud was settling with us taking over the area. But! the members in this ward are so legit. They totally saved him. After he dropped us, they stayed in contact with him, and actually got him to flag football on Saturday, and sacrament meeting on Sunday!
Funny story, we went to football as well, 2 things.
1. I'm super out of shape, and shouldn't be playing football. My legs still hurt. like, sitting down is the hardest part of my day.
2. No one even told us Mason was coming. so we're there, playing football, I'm legits talking with him, being his friend and getting to know him, NOT EVEN KNOWING THAT THIS IS THE GUY WHO TEXTED US LAST WEEK DROPPING US! Hahaha when we found out, we were more than a little confused. But thanks to the valiance of our members, we're meeting with him on Wednesday! just one of many miracles:)

We were also able to get up on campus for the first time! I can't remember if I mentioned this before, but we have another campus in my area! It's not quite as big as A&M, it's actually a local community college, but it is sick! So full of potential! I actually met a deaf girl! It's funny how I've honestly met more deaf people not being assigned to ASL than when I was in ASL... go figure.

I'm coming up on the end of the Book of Mormon, those of you who have read it (those of you who haven't, highly recommend it;) know that the end is a giant warning basically to everyone in the whole world of the danger of pride, and an invitation to repent.
I've talked very much about both of these things in previous emails, so instead I'm going to give my thoughts on discipleship. Something President Mortensen always talks about is "which way do I face?" do I face God with a message from the people? or do I face the people with a message from God?
Interesting how these two often times appear the same, but are honestly drastically different. For one, often times, facing the people with a message from God is typically not a place of popularity. Christ (as always) is probably the best example of this. In chapter 8, Moroni gives another great example of what it means to truly be facing the people with a message from God. The first 5 verses are basically him describing how alone he is, him being the one and only believer left. Yeesh, can you imagine?
Anyway. the take away message? "It mattereth not." in verse 4. He doesn't care if his discipleship gets him caught, tortured, and killed. or worse, leaves him utterly and completely alone. He knows what God has called him to do, so he does it. end of story. Chapters like these can't help but raise the question, what must I do to become a more fearless, devoted disciple of my Savior? 

Anyway. love y'all!

Elder Roberts
Happy Birthday Matt!!
"At the ward chili cook off, stinking Elder Jones ratted me out that it was my birthday, so they called me up and sang to me, and he filmed it!! Some friend."

"The crew" back together!

Cafe rio didn't come through, but Girl Scout Coookies did! Whoop!!
Tracting is easy without doors! or walls...

District Temple Pic!

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