Friday, July 14, 2017

Actually trying today...

This week was way crazy. Hahahaha elder Tweedie is the man! We've seen
so many miracles this week. Unfortunately, as it normally does, it
started with some trials. Our investigator Mike needs to wait to be
baptized for a quick minute, mostly due to the fact that he's going
out of town for Christmas break.... stinking college town. Hahahaha
but! Miracle! Elizabeth, after watching the Jospeh Smith movie decided
she wanted to be baptized!!:):):) this weekend. In 5 days. AH! She's
so studly. She was answering questions like none other in gospel
principles. And is simply great.

Other than that, I was able to go on an exchange with the assistants
this week!!  Soooo good. Oh man. Elder Aholelei is from Hawaii, and is
the man!! Hahaha I learned so much from him. Also, being an assistant
would be so hard. We were up until like 11:30 while he was on a call
with president... hahaha learned a ton.

District meeting was about repentance. It was interesting. I'm a super
messy guy. And I've always hated cleaning my room. Or anything... but
it's so much easier to clean your room every single day, instead of
letting it pile up and cleaning it once a month. That's kinda sorta
like repentance. If you're always trying to fine tune yourself, every
single day kneeling down and asking to become better, it makes those
monthly deep cleanings way easier.

Also. Reading the Book of Mormon is a good thing to do. Seriously. So
good. 10 out of 10.

Elder Roberts

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