Friday, July 14, 2017

Not on 1960, anymore...


So big news this week, Elder Barton and I have been moved to the Woodlands! Which has been so much fun. Literally night and day from my last area... this weekend I legits knocked on the nicest, biggest houses I've ever seen in my whole life. Stinking massive. It was gnarly.

It was pretty sad to leave Westfield. Had our last lesson with Dustin, he's the one that came to church and stayed for choir and things. It's weird, my whole mission I've stayed in areas for exceptional amounts of time, I was only in Westfield for a transfer, but it's all good. Dustin is in good hands with the missionaries who are taking over, and I'm pumped to be able to go to his baptism in march! Whoop! He's been reading, and doing really well! Lifelong friend, for sure! Cannot wait to continue to hear and see how the Gospel changes and morphs him into a powerful disciple of Christ.

The new wards are legit. I'm in another YSA! Heck ya! Haha! This time I'm also covering a family Ward, too. So far it's been amazing. first Sunday got a giant steak dinner with a huge potato and banana pudding. I think this may be the end of skinny elder Roberts... I've managed my whole mission to stay where I was at the end of the mtc. I feel like I've met my maker, here though... oh well:) 

We had the opportunity to bear our testimony multiple times on Sunday, it being our first time In the new wards. Each time, I felt inclined to testify about the power of YOU. Yump. You. As a missionary, I've discovered something very special. YOU can make a difference. A story in the Book of Mormon I think is was first got me thinking about this, it's in Alma 44, zarahemnah is no good, and Moroni is a complete stud. Y'all will have to read it to get the full scoop, but at one point, zarahemnah is all mad at Moroni, and attempts to kill Moroni. But, what happens?? Vs 12! One of Moroni's soldiers stands up and just wrecks zarahemnah! Literally saves Moroni's life. The funny thing? This heroic soldier isn't. Even. Named. Ever. Lesson? Each and everyone of us has not only the ability, but the expectation to be GREAT! The catch? We've got to decide. Got to stand up and make the difference! Great things don't happen by themselves. I can remember as a little kid in Sunday school, my teacher ingrained in me to not be content with mediocrity. Through the grace of our Savior, we need never be content with where we are. 

Love y'all! Thanks for everything!

Elder Roberts
Elder Barton and I with one of the sweetest families ever! the Alvarados in the Westfield ward!

Bear Creek District Meeting!

5 guys, Krispy kreme, next up, cafe rio!!!

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