Saturday, July 15, 2017

Weakly email. (Yes. Weakly, not weekly. Sorry.)

Jul 10 2017

Hey Howdy!

This week was crazy. It's actually weird to think back at the events that happened at the beginning of the week, they feel like ages ago.

It was zone conference week, President Peterson was able to meet all the missionaries! He's legits the man. Taught us about high expectations, and so much more. Seriously. I'm going to learn so much from him! Haha!

Elder Bailey and I taught Sunday School on Sunday about families. It's amazing how quickly conversations about families invite the spirit. Seriously. It was awesome. Even in YSAs, people love families!

Something interesting I've been noticing in the Book of Mormon as I've been studying it is the necessity for work. All of the amazing people inside the Book I always figured were just studs from the beginning, which is partly true, but every last one mentions how much they labored, and not just once, but the phrase "labored diligently" is one of the most common phrases I've seen so far! So much goes undone simply because people don't want to put in the work.

Anyway. Sorry this email is weak.

Elder Roberts

Frisbee squad!

District meeting.

My little bear cub.:'D

Mort is back.:D

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