Friday, July 14, 2017


Where to even start. haha honestly it was such a swell week! it's been so much fun working so much on A&M Campus. we do this thing where we roll out a giant white board and have people put questions up, and we talk with them, and it's seriously way too much fun. hahaha you learn to be so bold here, like a man that looks like he could eat you for breakfast because he's clearly on the A&M football team walks by, don't matter. say hello and ask if he's ever thought about the after life. do it. hahaha it's awesome. so much fun. one of the best parts was we were talking to these two freshman, and were making jokes and stuff to try and break the ice or whatever, and not kidding, they looked at us like we were speaking another language. it was so hilarious. the sister missionaries after came up and made fun of us. i guess we may think we're funnier than we really are? i don't know.

We were blessed mega with our finding this week, and were able to find this one chinese man who opened the door, and immediately let us in. we had an amazing discussion about eternal families, and it was so powerful. we gave him a book of mormon, and we're visiting him tomorrow. 

also. our recent convert Chris not only went to the temple for the first time, but went out tracting with us after church, and wrecked! he did so well! gave out a book of mormon, and was super proud, and he's just great.

anyway. my ipad is a little out of commission this week... while we were on campus the wind blew and knocked the 60 pound white board right on top of it... so no pictures! maybe next week!

Love ya!

Elder Roberts

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