Friday, July 14, 2017

2K17 it's go time!

Well, transfer calls came yesterday and I'm leaving. Bums. I've loved
this place so much. Honestly, this area has taught me so much. It's
gonna be sad to leave. Like. Super sad. Some of the members took us
out to breakfast today, and it sucked. Hahaha I'm gonna miss them so

Also. For New Year's Eve, a couple guys in the ward went across the
street and lit off a firework for us to see. Seriously so nice.
Hahahaha it was also really funny. Hooting and hollering all over. God
bless em.:)

Other than that this week we had a conference thingy with president.
It was so good. Like always. Literally president is the smartest human
I've ever met. Hahaha we decided together that for 2017, our goal for
convert baptisms is 630. It was such a cool, unifying experience! It's
amazing what a difference is made when a bunch of insignificant people
get together to dedicate themselves to something so much bigger than
themselves. Miracles happen.

Jason's parents came to church. Hahahahaha they don't speak a lick of
English! They're visiting from china, and so during the sacrament, I
just passed them my iPad with the Chinese Doctine and Covenants! Super
neat. I think they liked it.

I've been reading the war chapters in Alma, so like 45-55ish. I'm
learning so much. Hahahaha I feel so bad that for my whole life I've
read the Book of Mormon and literally never understood diddily squat.
Gosh dang it. Hahaha some of the things that have stood out to me is
the leadership qualities of Moroni. He's so amazing! Hahaha I love in
chapter 50 especially. It says that Moroni's army was being added to
daily because of the trust that his people had in him! As a leader,
friend, teacher, whatever, you can't get people on your side until
they trust you, and know you love them.

Anyways, love ya!!

Elder Roberts


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