Friday, July 14, 2017


This week we had zone meeting. I did a training on happiness. It was pretty interesting hearing from President Chappell when he gave the initial training at MLC. He taught from a scientific study by Doctor Seligman that there are 3 kinds or levels of happiness  (sound familiar? Boom roasted science) they go 1. Pleasure, instant gratification, entertainment. 2. Developing talents and skills for personal gain. 3 using talents and abilities in an altruistic way. Really cool to talk to a load of missionaries about being altruistic! Haha!

Our zone has become so unified in the desires to find. Before this transfer, we were having difficulties getting out even 3 times a week to find, but the whole zone has united and they make time. It's been awesome to try to lead by example and keep up with 'em! And boy do we see the fruits! 

Zach's baptism is this week! Can't wait! He's stoked, too. Hahaha we decided who was going to baptize him today and he literally just flipped a coin. Hahaha he gets it. It's not about who, but how! Really cool. 

Saw many miracles. Rashard is done with the book of mosiah already. What the stink. Haha he's the man! His baptism is coming up fast, too! Been a great week!

Funny story, as I'm sure many of you know, A&M had a crazy good football game on Saturday. I know. Why? Because I was outside of the stadium picking up all of the beer cans left from the tailgaters. So. Much. Beer. The stench was unreal. Haha also, I found that almost NOONE finished a beer can. I filled like, 5 trash bags full of half full or more beer bottles. What the heck. Hahaha really weird. 

Anyway. Life is good! Love life. Honestly. This is the happiest I've ever been. Love life. 

Elder Roberts
The Zone!

Look how happy/deranged he is:):)

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