Friday, July 14, 2017

It is by faith that miracles are wrought!

First off, Aaron had his interview! It went well, and he's pumped for his baptism!!! He posts on Facebook everyday something he's learned from the Book of Mormon!! He'll be getting baptized this Saturday! Can't wait!!

This week, we did a lot. Honestly. It was sweet. We saw like a bajillion miracles. Seriously, something that I've really started to recognize, and it's pretty sad it's taken me so long, is the power that acting in faith has. 

In PMG it teaches us the 4 acts of faith while being a missionary. 
       1. Obedience 
       2. Studies
       3. Finding
       4. Planning

Elder Bailey and I have been putting an extra emphasis in doing our best to act with these 4 principles, because we know in order to have success here, we'll need miracles, and miracles are only wrought by faith. 

Against all odds, despite meetings, lessons, dinners, calls, everything. We made sure to plan to be out knocking doors every day from 6-8. It was seriously amazing to see what came of it. Not even from the knocking itself. Often times, the miracles came well after in ways I wouldn't expect. 

One of these miracles that without the eyes to see we would have failed to recognize is Maddy, the girl we've been teaching for a good minute now who now has a date, has not been able to come to church due to work. We've been praying and stuff to help her get it off to no avail. 

She literally missed her best friends farewell because of work. (Seriously, I'm going to come home and just never get a job. Work stinks.) ((jk. Maybe.)) This week though! After we showed our faith, miracles were wrought! She finally got her boss to give her the early, short shift so she can come to church!!!! She's stinking pumped. Baptism on May 6th here we come!:D

I love being a missionary. It hit me this week as I was talking to one of our neighbors about life and his family and junk what a rare opportunity it is to be recognized as one who represents Christ by all who see me. Truly is a huge privilege. 

Anyway. Love y'all!

Elder Roberts

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