Friday, July 14, 2017

Next Stop? April 15th

This week was so good. Honestly, I feel stinking spoiled every single Monday when I sit down and realize how good God is, and all the things he's done, and how little I do to repay him. hahaha it's a humbling feeling every time.

This week for realsies was so good. We met this man on campus named Aaron and gave him a Book of Mormon. Met him on Thursday, he'd read 7 chapters and mentioned how much peace he'd felt reading it. Meeting again Friday. He'd now read 12 chapters, and was learning how to become better, and finding applications to his own life in them. We extended the Lord's invitation to him to be baptized on April 15th. He accepted whole heartedly. Saturday he played flag football with us (I'm not even sore) and we discovered that he secretly has a jet engine on his feet. No stinking kidding he's so fast! haha! legits, the man. Definitely keep him in your prayers for April 15th!

Another huge miracle, being on campus means we have tons of conversations with people as they're heading to class, or whatever else, and typically it takes 2 or 3 times seeing them before there is a solid opportunity to invite them to learn. This week we were able to invite this girl named Abi who we've been chatting with for a while, to learn, and she legits lost her mind when she found out why we dress the way we do. haha! hilarious! We were able to sit down with her, and brought two members from our ward, and legits just talked about everything. It was so amazing. She mentioned how she used to be religious, and isn't anymore, and we talked about God, and His plans, desires, and aspirations for us. It was legit. We'll be meeting again with her soon!

As for my studies I honestly don't even know where to begin. I've been thinking about a lot of stuff. the biggest impression I received was this morning though. My president is the man. no joke. he's so wise. He was talking about how often times in life, we'll have to be the "lone voice in the wilderness" pulling for what's right. And he told us a couple stories from his own life. as he was going, I started to realize how easy it is to distinguish right from wrong, most of the time at least. But it's so much harder to distinguish right from less right.
As he was talking, I honestly started feeling super stressed, How on earth was I expected to start being able to make decisions like the ones he was describing soon??? Like, can I please just go back to deacons quorum presidency, where all I had to decide was who would say the prayer? flip!

And then it hit me. I was holding in my hand the very tool God has promised will help in all the decisions we ever make. Literally as described in Helaman 3:29, the very tool that will divide asunder all of the wiles and the craftiness of the adversary! The Book of Mormon and Bible! The Word of God! I know, and received a powerful witness this morning that as we stay close to the teachings of the scriptures, we will always be able to see right from wrong, and even see right from less right. Then it is our job to have the courage to stand up for it!

Y'all stinking rock.

Elder Roberts

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