Friday, July 14, 2017


Well, transfers were this last week! I'm still in the YSA Ward! Which is really weird. Hahaha I'll be here for 6 months by the end of this transfer. Crazy. really weird to have elder Hill gone. But now I'm with Elder Tweedie!! He's the man. From Idaho falls and is a total tank. Hahaha we have so much fun together already.

This week was so weird. Thanksgiving in a college town is spooky. Hahaha but we were able to do a ton of service! So that was nice. We put up Christmas lights. I LOVE CHRISTMAS SO MUCH!!! Putting lights up was so great! It was on gnarly rose bushes. Our arms are so wrecked, though! The Christmas initiative came out this week too. Seriously makes me cry almost every time. Hahaha I love it so much. Please go check it out. 

We're excited for this week! Rashard is gonna get baptized!! Can't wait!! 

Some thoughts from studies this week. I've been reading Alma 36-37. It's taken me like all week to read those two chapters. Hahaha it's been a great time. Some of my favorite thoughts came from the importance of the scriptures. Alma emphasizes the importance of the scriptures, and the important call that Helaman has to protect and keep the scriptures. It made me think, how do I treat them? And then further, how do I treat my own personal testimony? I love verses 15-16, talking about what causes us to lose those precious truths that have been entrusted to us. Worth a read!

Love y'all!

Elder Roberts
Christmas lights!

Last morning before transfers

Last home football game. Picking up trash. Whoop!

What we did in campus while there was still people.

Investigator, he's from china and the best guy ever. 

Best district ever!

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