Friday, July 14, 2017

Fed a dog peanut butter.

I gave 3 interviews this week for baptism! Boy. That is an awesome
experience!! Two of them were these little girls that made my heart
melt. Honestly the cutest girls alive. After they were telling me
about their spelling bee and being the only ones able to spell
xerography. Because everyone else was foolish and spelled it with a z
not a x. Duh. Hahaha so adorable.

Other than that, we had awesome lessons with all of our investigators.
The one that really hit home with me was Edgar. We found him tracting
a while ago, and finally had a return appointment, taught him the
restoration, next lesson he'd already read the first 15 chapters of
the Book of Mormon. WHAT. hahahaha love that guy. So cool. He came to
church and made a ton of friends! We also have Morgan getting baptized
this Saturday! She's so ready. Honestly. She already reaches out to
fellowship other investigators. She's going to finish the Book of
Mormon Thursday, baptized Saturday, confirmed Sunday (I'll be doing
that, too!:) and next week is temple! Cannot wait!

This week was great, and life is good. I dig bike missionary life. It
rained a ton this week and it makes me feel like Star Wars when they
go into that crazy fast speed thing and all the stars become lines
around the ship. But instead of stars it's rain. It's great! Also. I'm
gonna have quads of Jupiter by the end.

We also had zone conference this week! What an inspired meeting that
was! We talked about the gospel of Jesus Christ, why faith leads to
repentance! Blew my mind. It was amazing. President is so smart.

Anyway. Love y'all!

Elder Roberts

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