Friday, July 14, 2017

Given themselves to much prayer and fasting.

May 8 2017

Whatta week!!! We had MLC, which was super duper good. Learned so much about planning. It's funny, i think i've talked about this before, but the longer i'm a missionary the more i discover how much hinges on planning. of all the things i've learned on my mission, i think this is the one that the Lord has emphasized the most, because before my mission, i was probably the worst planner in the whole wide world. and now i'm probably like, the second worst. but hey. progress!

also at MLC, president invited all of us to start fasting from saturday at 6 to sunday at 5 every week in May. Elder Bailey and I accepted the invitation with the promise that we would see miracles. holy smokes. boy did we!!! here's a few:

1) Maddy was able to come to church this week, which is super duper great. she's so dang awesome. she's been going through some hard things, and she texted us sunday and was like "i'll be there tomorrow, i need some peace." to which elder bailey and i fist pumped. she gets it! haha! super great, and all of the testimonies were tailored to her! it was pretty sweet.

2) A guy named Ryan came to Aaron's baptism, and one of his friends gave us his number, and we texted it like a month ago and he never responded. then, this sunday, HE CAME TO CHURCH!!! YAY!! out of the blue!! and he wants to start learning more seriously and mentioned he feels like God has kept leading him back to the Church, and it's time for him to start to listen. so sic.

3) We were bound to find 6 New investigators this week. Which is pretty doable, except by Saturday we had 2... uh... haha! but i kid you not. sunday rolled around, we had an hour after church, dinner, and everything else, and bam. the Lord provided. we met a ton of super cool people, and are meeting with them very soon!!! super cool.

So basically, the lesson to be learned from this week is that the promises found in Isaiah 58, such as "loose the bands of wickedness," "Thy light break forth as the morning," and "then shalt thou call, and the Lord shall answer; thou shalt cry, and he shall say, HERE I AM." Truly an amazing experience, and i cannot wait to continue to develop my testimony of fasting the rest of this month. it's gonna be great! I can promise each of you, that depending on the Lord truly does bring miracles, and that fasting is one of the best ways God has provided in order for us to truly learn how to lean on him.

Y'all rock. thanks.

Elder Roberts

Top golf! Stinking adorable family! The girl in the orange is a recent convert, and the one by me is her mom who is about to get baptized! Pretty swell.

Went to top golf today! never been before! pretty fun!

Isn't nature beautiful???

Tried to make a lady in our ward who just had a baby cookies... discovered we didn't have any bowls... used a frying pan... after we cooked a tortilla in the frying pan... not the best move, but it worked.
Look at this massive stinking spider!?!?!

First spanish district meeting!! Clearly a little high strung...

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