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May 1 2017
It's a little tragic how all growing up, we always relate to Nephi so much, and the older we get, the more and more we relate to Laman and Lemuel. This could be proved in a ton of ways, but specifically with the idea of the Liahona, what is the Liahona? (For those who legits don't know, read 1 Nephi 16) the Liahona literally is a compass, or a ball with little arrows that point Nephi where to go to find food and guide to the promised land. (For those who legits didn't know and just read that sentence, y'all are cheaters.) 

Of course, there are countless analogies we can create to this, what is the Liahona in your life? Where is that taking you? The most amazing thing, God has given us so many Liahonas in our life, for each phase of our lives we may have a different one! Some are constant of course, scriptures, prayer, church, etc. are always personal Liahonas. 

What are the blessings that come from heeding the Liahona? What have you seen in your life between the difference of heeding, and not heeding? Does it possibly resemble what happens in chapter 18 of 1 Nephi? 

This week, Elder Bailey and I tried our best to listen to the Liahonas God has given to us! One is listening to our Wards auxiliary leaders and enlisting them in the Work. This week, we were able to ask the elders quorum president who has been on his mind, and he mentioned someone no one but him had probably ever met. We go over literally moments before this man locked his door to move. Had we waited 5 minutes, he woulda been gone for good in an unknown location. But we got to him just in time to not only meet him, but assist in the move, get a strong relationship with him, and help him paint his wall.

There is no coincidence that we met him that day. By listening to our Liahona, we were able to be guided to exactly where our Savior needed us to be. The cool thing? You don't need to be a missionary to receive a Liahona. It will happen to you as you give heed to the counsels found in the Book of Mormon and the Bible, Conference Talks, Promptings from the Spirit, and Priesthood Leaders.

Tons more happened, but it's a long story...

Love y'all. 

Elder Roberts

Ate a massive burger. Didn't even make a mess. 

A spider built a web on the camera. Spooky.
A little possum with a littler baby possum just chilling on his bum!
Traditions missionaries and Matthew, the squad leader.

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