Friday, July 14, 2017


This week was so good! Many lessons learned.

Probably the biggest one has been that of obedience, and trusting those people God has chosen as leaders. When we act in faith under assignment from those who have stewardship, miracles occure! first, yesterday after church, we knew we'd have literally no time to go finding, or to teach, or really do anything, I'll explain why in a sec, so that morning Elder Barton and I went out to do our best. However! Here is the kicker! Our rocking district leader, Elder Byrd, made us the promise the night before that if we prayed and planned for a miracle, we'd have two new investigators by the time church ended. Guess how many new investigators we found? Hahaha really cool miracle!

Also, as many people have mentioned, the missionary department of the church has decided to get rid of all but 4 of the key indicators. what. the. stink. our mission was so blind sided by that! But talking with President today was so awesome and inspiring. He said something I'm never going to forget. "I've tried my whole life to live in the shadow of the brethren. so i can't see why, but we're going to do it." I learn so much about humility and Christlike leadership from him every single day I'm around him. He's so stinking awesome!

Anyway. Big awesome news. Matthew Burrell, recent convert from this summer who was baptized just before I went up to A&M received the Melchizedek Priesthood! And President gave me permission to go back up and ordain him!!!!!!! Best moment of my mission, probably. seriously. spirit was so powerful. Gosh dang it. I love that guy. What a blessing.:):)

The rest of the broadcast was amazing, and talked a lot about what I wrote about last week, with repentance. Repentance is so amazing. But that's not really what I studied a whole bunch this week. This week a lot of what my thoughts have been revolving around is knowledge.
It's funny, because the whole purpose of earth life was for us to come down to earth, receive a body, and be able to learn. As we learn, the scriptures teach us we gain more freedom, i.e. John 8:32. But freedom doesn't mean the more truth we have, the more we can do whatever we want. No! The more truth we have, the more choices we gain, but in order to keep that, we must continue to choose to follow and abide by the truth that we have! As we do this, it grows brighter and brighter, until the perfect day, as Joseph Smith described.
It's interesting, and maybe a little ironic, I can't really remember if I'm using that word correctly anymore, how greater truth, and therefore greater freedom typically presents itself in, you guessed it, greater commandments!! Isn't that interesting?
The Israelites with Moses were given 10 commandments, all pretty straight forward. To the people of the new covenant, Christ took all of those commandments, and tightened them! Don't kill became don't get mad, and so on. Why? because the more we know about the Savior, the more we realize how different we are, and the more we're able to CHOOSE to give up things and become better. AND THAT IS  WHAT IT MEANS TO BE TRULY FREE. 
These thoughts have been tumbling in my mind a lot mostly from my studies of, you guessed it, the Book of Mormon! 3 Nephi 5 ends with Mormon praising God for the knowledge he has been blessed to have about Jesus Christ, and how he knows that truth will be given again to the earth. he finds this truth freeing! however, later, the Nephites start to stink, and it talks about how they willfully, knowingly rebel against the truth they have. Big no, no! They have a skewed view of what freedom means.

Um... Diego came to church and loved it!


Love y'all!

Elder Roberts
Matthew and Myself!

District Meeting pic!

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