Tuesday, December 8, 2015


This week was a good one! We weren't able to get in and teach B. he works like an insane person! so much! So it's hard to get in a lesson where he isn't just falling asleep the whole time. so... that's a struggle. He's such a fun guy though! And very down to earth. I don't know what exactly he needs, but a push of some sort. I honestly believe he's prepared. He always helps his kids pray at the end of our lessons, and it's super awesome! So... we're getting there!

Other than that, on Saturday, I helped a girl with her homework! Because we do a weekly tutoring thing for the branch. I explained fractions and how to turn fractions into decimals using asl. It was super fun. I love asl so much. seriously. It's such a fun language. lucky for me, and her, she was super smart and picked up on it pretty easy. Her name is M, and she's awesome.

Another thing! we served at a place called crr, can't remember what that stands for, but basically we help deaf people learn independent skills, like driving, math, etc. so we read the texas driving handbook, and the word "duty" came up a lot. and how they signed it? the same sign for messy. Which made me snicker every time. *chuckle* "he said duty!" *chuckle*

Now! onto spiritual things! Stake conference was this Sunday! and it was super good! something about being a missionary makes things like Stake conference something of way more import.One of the speakers used the quote "the best defense is a good offense!" and then applied it to the gospel! it was super powerful! it made me think of the saying that if our testimony is not growing, it's diminishing! If we are merely trying to stop the adversary from gaining yards on us, and we're never trying to gain our own yards, that is a losing game. So go on the offensive! Share the gospel! The church has created an amazing video for this Christmas season! SHARE IT! I promise, it will change your life.

It was a super good week. Love y'all.

Elder Roberts

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