Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The True meaning of Christmas

Well, I'm sure you've all been sitting at the end of your seat with the cliff hanger I left you all with last week, so I'll get to the point! I'm comps with Elder Boekweg now!! And it has been awesome!! Seriously. Everyday is a blast, and my sign language has improved exponentially it's awesome. And. Being comps with deaf companion means
what? Interpreter duty 24/7. Which has made for some funny experiences. Like interpreting all the million puns Elder Hendrickson makes. Just an FYI, puns do not translate well. If at all. Also, because it's Christmas, sometimes I have to explain things like why do we say "Falalala" and other such things. The stories seriously could
never end just from this week alone. It's gonna be a good transfer. Hopefully longer!

So! This week! Met with a family, from India. You know T. the guy I told about forever ago? It's his best friend. Awesome. Amazing family. Came to church and stuff! Haven't taught me anymore Nepali, but I guess we still have time.:)

We went caroling, which was awesome. Super cool. And again, tender mercy that I know ASL and don't need to sing.;) also. Me and elder Boekweg went tracting. Hearing tracting. As in when it's my turn to talk, I simcom (speak and sign at the same time) and interpret for Boekweg, and when it's his turn I voice interpret and then interpret.

Very excited for Christmas! It's funny, this is the first Christmas without being able to listen to the carpenters Christmas album. And without any hope for snow. It's different, but the spirit is still the same. Because the true meaning of Christmas isn't bought in a store, or on the radio, or even from the sky in the form of frozen water. It
comes from the kindness everyone shows. It's amazing being a missionary, and the amount of love were shown. I've been given more cookies than I can count. Cookies without number, if you will. Anyway. It's been a blessings to see that the Christmas season isn't special because of what everyone first thinks of when Christmas is mentioned. New perspective.

Anyway. Hope everyone has a safe fun holiday!


Elder Roberts

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