Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Transfer is coming and The Temple is amazing

This week was pretty good! We were able to go to the Temple as a zone on Friday! it was awesome! it was president's Christmas present to us! what an amazing present that was, too! The Temple is so incredible. seriously. I absolutely love how the spirit inside each is the same. Each temple is so different from any other in construction and outward appearance,  but inside, the blessings, insights, and feelings are the same. 

It's a common thing that missionaries sort of argue and compete as to which temple is the "best" (btw, it is clearly Bountiful) but seriously. Each temple is really just an extension of the others. each is the house of the Lord. and each is just the best place on the planet. ah. It was a very good day. went to a deaf drama Christmas thing on Friday after the temple, and one of our members was in it, and it was so fun!

On Sunday, we had an awesome youth musical Christmas fireside, and they wanted the missionaries in the stake to do a number, "Hark, The Herald Angels Sing." it was beautiful. seriously. one of my favorite moments. me and Elder Boekweg signed it while everyone else sang (that is prolly why it was so beautiful is that i opted out of using my voice.)

also! found out! I'm getting transferred! no clue where yet! will prolly need to wait and find out tomorrow. the suspense. gonna miss Elder Hendrickson a ton.

love yall!

Elder Roberts

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