Friday, August 21, 2015

2nd to last p-day in the MTC

Well homies, My time in the mtc is coming to a close! I got my flight plans today! I will ship out on Wednesday, the 2nd of september
 to start the real work and adventure of this mission. As my time here draws to a close, words of wisdom about the mtc have come to mind.
"The MTC: a perpetual state of not being hungry, but always eating."
"When you start day dreaming about sic Four Square moves you could make, you probably aren't studying hard enough. or too hard. I've experienced both."
"There are few things that bring quite as much enjoyment as sliding down the rails of the stairs singing Mary Poppins."

I feel like these 3 quotes sum up the MTC well. 

But really, this week has been awesome!! Taught Jake, the investigator who can't sign, to have faith in Jesus Christ and follow him. We explained how Jesus helps us feel happy and comforted when we're sad by putting our thumb down, indicating we are sad, and then having a picture of jesus push our thumb up. I hope he understood. (He did. we explained further. don't worry.)

Elder Boekweg is really coming out of his shell, and is up to all sorts of sheninigans. We went to the computer lab to practice interpretting videos and talks and stuff, and we all have head phones in, except Boekweg, because he's deaf. And he starts playing this video with the sound on the highest volume. We all turn and tell him to turn it the flip down, and he just looks at us with the most mischievous smile on his face and signs "hearing problem." This is his new favorite phrase, and he uses it during fire drills when the alarm goes off and it's so loud you can't even see straight, and other such times where the gift of hearing becomes not so much of a gift.

Another update is that our teacher, Brother Featherstone, wants us to stop mouthing the words as we sign, so sometimes we wear duct tape for extended periods of time. It is not my favorite. needless to say.

Duct Tape Epidemic

had a lot of good experiences with lessons, and practice lessons. For TRC, which is basically just people come and volunteer to be taught stuff, we had these two super adorable cute old ladies, and one was so old her hands could barely sign, and it was impossible to understand what she was saying. But! A smile is universal. She was adorable, and it was so fun to teach her about prayer. The other lesson was a recently returned missionary who's name was Cody. He was a blast, and we had a lot of fun teaching him!

For choir, we were able to perform with the Nashville Tribute Band! Yes. Not only did I listen to music that had some seriously rad guitar and junk, but i was part of the back up choir to a couple of their songs, and oh man. it was sooo fun signing that! 

Cannot wait for what this next (and last) week has to offer!

Love you all!

Elder Roberts
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