Friday, August 7, 2015

Miracles and Zebras

Hello friends!! This week has been so great! Oh man! Learned so much!

First lesson; being an ASL kid has got perks. like, big ones. If there is a big gathering of any sort, you have to get there early in order to get a good seat because they have to accommodate SO many missionaries. But. If you happen to be an ASL missionary, you legits walk in whenever you please, flash your badge, explain that "Oh no, I'm ASL." and they you get front and center every. time. it's seriously ridiculous. it happened in the choir program as well! they saved the ASL kids like, 30 seats! and we were able to sign along with the choir "Be Still My Soul" in a broadcast that was sent out to all the MTC's in the world! 

Now, if that wasn't cool enough, the speaker was President Nelson, and it was his first talk given as President of the Quorum of the 12! It was so amazing and inspiring. And, afterwards, I found out my debute as a television star came at least 2 years early! I was on the screen signing (hopefully correctly)! Yes, you may all  have my autograph and what not.

My name sign was changed this week. It is no longer simply the  sign for apple but with an R instead of an X. Oh no. Now, it is how you'd describe how a Zebra would eat an apple. Because my laugh has been discovered, and I get made fun of mercilessly for it. So Now my name sign directly translates to Elder Zebra Eating an Apple. Perfect. 

ASL is coming very well!! like, if you knew me before and how badly I sucked, you'd be amazed at my transformation. Miracles happen. There are no lost causes. and Heavenly Father loves you.

Prayers are answered, as seen by the huge package of food my dearest mother sent, and The Church is true. Love you guys!

Who knew Costco came in a box??

Anyways. that's all for now! things are well!

Elder Roberts

Me and Elder Boekweg.

Me and Elder Midgley

Me and Elder Daynes

Professionals. What can I say?

What Missionaries do in their spare time. (I'm lying on the ground while another elder is pushing the drinking fountain button. skill.)

Matching District. Oh man, we're adorable!!

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