Monday, April 4, 2016

April 4, 2016-High School PTSD

Love Elder Holland's talk
So, I'll start off with a super funny story. on Wednesdays, we always go serve at this place to help deaf people get jobs and learn basic skills needed to function called CRR (career and recovery resources), and so people sometimes just show up with like homework or crap that they need help with. so this wednesday, we also had an exchange! Elder Moray came with me, and elder dean went with elder dickerson. also. elder moray knows no sign language. anyway. so we go, and i start helping this awesome fella named Edson, and Elder moray just sits there looking pretty until another hard of hearing woman walks in, and hard of hearing typically means they can talk, anyway, so she walks in and says (not signs) she needs help. elder moray jumped on that because she could, ya know, talk. anyway. i tried to not listen to what they said and focus on the guy i was helping, but of course, i heard quite a bit. the conversation went like this.
"i need help writing an essay on this book."
"okay, have you read it."
"oh, well i'd recommend you read it first and then maybe come back after."
"oh no. the essay is due tomorrow." 
"alright. lets do it."
they then proceeded to write a beautiful essay from literally nothing. i was dying. flashbacks oh high school kept creeping into my thoughts. too funny.
other than that, the week was grand! watched conference with Lorenzo, our recent convert who is planning to put in his papers in like a week! so excited for him! and it was awesome, because he always has such awesome questions. and ya know. because it's general conference, it's amazing as is! i loved listening to all the talks! however, last conference elder holland gave a talk about moms, and that made me cry. this conference, elder uchtdorf mentioned star wars. i'm not going to say i cried harder... but it was a bad time;) (just kidding mommy!)
life is looking up!:)
Elder Roberts

​General Conference Priesthood meeting! 

Zone picture!  aren't we adorable?!?!:)

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