Monday, April 4, 2016

March 7, 2016

this week was pretty great! last week with Elder Boekweg, i found out! which is super sad. i'll miss that kid! but. since we're both still asl, i will still see him fairly often... meaning almost daily. so it's all good!

this week had 2 exchanges! one with the spanish elders, which was a blast. i went with them to introduce them to an awesome family we tracted into who we've been meeting with weekly to "help with homework" but they never have homework, and so it's basically we show up, and they feed us, and we leave after conversation where the kids translate for us, because the mom speaks very little english. and honestly i've been wrought with guilt, because they are golden, but i wasn't sure how to transition them to the spanish elders! but this week we figured it out, and hopefully everything will be awesome! 

we had another deaf social on friday, which went well! i love being able  to really talk with people in asl. my 3 day in the field, we went to this social, it's a monthly thing, and i can remember leaving after and feeling like it would probably be a good idea to just light myself on fire than try and do that again. but of course, i've done it again, about 8 times now, and each time it's better. PERSEVERE!!

tracting a lot this week! last week i'll do the whole sign speak interpret thing, which is too bad. it was always a blast!

like i said me and Elder Boekweg are splitting tomorrow! find out who my new comp is tonight!
love you all!! 

Elder Roberts

The ASL missionaries in a nutshell

Elder Boekweg artwork

Elder Roberts and Boekweg after Spanish exchanges

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