Monday, April 4, 2016

March 21,2016

To explain the subject, we got a flat tire this week! we were driving on the high way, and the car was handling super weird, and so we pull  over, and look, and our back tire is flat. crap. so we go and start pulling the junk from the trunk to change it with the spare, and i'm about ready to accept that i'm an adult now, and have to change my own tires when out of the blue, a cop pulls up behind us and informs us on this particular highway, they have people that just drive around and help people change tires, and if we wait, they'll be by soon to help us out! of course, i accepted that, and we waited. phew! crises averted!

This week, we had an awesome lesson with N.! he's doing super duper well. Struggling getting him to church, but his desire is there! as for R., we're not really sure what to do with him. he's been struggling lately, and it's been tough to even get an appointment in with his work schedule. but! never give up! 

Our mission is also getting ready to explode with a push for family history, and to get all the missionaries on board, our president said if we find our own name, we can go to the temple and do everything for them! it was awesome! and i'm reminded of just how much i want this people i meet to experience the joy of the temple! it was definitely an inspired program, because i'm fired up for this next week when we learn what exactly the family history thing is for the mission! it's gonna be awesome!

Lastly, there is a new Easter Movie out! the church is always so insanely awesome with their campaigns, and this one is no different! it's awesome! and it's a great tool to tract with, but yesterday, we tried to use it, and literally no one would listen. no one. we talked with at least 15 people and not a single one would give us 2 minutes to watch. it was sad. the Christmas one, everyone has time for, because it's Christmas. no one is going to say no to a man with jesus on his tag during Christmas. but Easter is different. why? I have no idea. but what i do know is that the message of Easter is what makes the message of Christmas important! the message of the risen lord is why i'm here! it's why any of us stands a chance! i love the phrasing and the scripture the video uses! because of Christ, We all really can be made alive!!!

love you all!

Elder Roberts

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